About Us

Brilliant Juniors Academy

BJA, amidst tough times, has strengthened honing both ACADEMICS and LIFE skills – the two most essential things your child should be armed with for their FUTURE.

Are you on the verge of deciding what to prioritize in yielding your kids’ future? are you debating between Academics or Life skills? Each school has its own strength in academics while some schools are focused on honing life skills.

What if you find that there was a school that could give priority to both? Thats where BJA comes in! Proven by our great achievers; our graduates. Foundation in early childhood is very important and that is our top priority.

The fundamental purpose of Brilliant Juniors Academy is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

Christine Sy Meskers — Principal
What makes us different?
Fun learning through play

BJA applies its education curriculum while keeping learning fun for all children as well as allowing them to follow their interests.

Surprisingly our 3-year-old can read simple words with room to improve even further, and yes these are “NURSERY”. We have mastered the method of Phonics reading and integrated sight words mastery to improve their reading skills as well as number skills using Singaporean math as their foundation, over the years these proven methods have made us unique and effective in the education realm.

Integrate and Connect

The integration of extra-curricular activities such as Art class, Science experiments, and Taekwondo aims to develop the skills in other areas of child development. The school allows children to develop as individuals and learn about the world in which they live in resulting holistic growth.

Environment of Love, Care and Support

The school aims to develop in each child a positive outlook towards learning, attracting curiosity and thinking within a multicultural, supportive, and educational environment. Every staff in BJA loves the kids they work with and is committed to the care and overall development of every child.

  • Learning takes place in a safe environment.
  • Personal possessions are treated with care and respect.
  • School values are upheld by the wider community
  • You are in a multicultural environment and everyone respects one another.
  • Bullying and harassment are not tolerated
  • Unhealthy snacks or meals are usually discouraged.

Brilliant Juniors’ educational program and environment encourage children’s sense of well-being and identity as confident and curious learners. We focus on encouraging each child to develop the necessary educational, social, and self-help skills to prepare them to become independent and lifelong learners with center on creating and developing a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge. BJA has everything your child needs to grow and develop, through quality education and the best learning experience.

“Experience is the best teacher, but your foundation from early childhood is what keeps you on the right path and at the right choice.”