Our Vision and Mission

The strategic values and objectives

Education at Brilliant Juniors Academy is about self confidence, challenge and enjoyment. It teaches the importance of constructive questioning and a sense of responsibility with compassion, confidence and creativity.

Whether it is our books or hands-on training, we make sure each student gets personal attention to cope up and flourish in every subject for better scores and a brighter future.

Our values at Brilliant Juniors Academy

Our School encourages students to appreciate the wonders of the world, the strengths of others, and the contribution of all those who have gone before. It fosters individual growth and encourages generosity of spirit. BJA serves to actively participate in social, health, environmental and livelihood activities; We hold on to the idea that a good school community will help actively cultivate supportive relationships at the heart of the school and its community. This enables students to bring their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences not just inside the classroom but outside of it as well.

Our Goal

Our goal as a school is to keep learning fun for kids and to provide quality education hence we offer several different facilities for kids and simulation areas to keep learners active both mentally and physically even outside of classroom walls. With our facilities, we hope to improve the quality of the study environment in the school.

Simulation Areas

Simulated Bank - At the bank, students will be able to learn how to save money, spend and even invest. They will learn how to compute at an early age and whether or not its worth it to spend on something they want.

Simulated Police Station - We believe that having a police station in school will help kids learn to stay disciplined. The police station will help kids think twice before acting and hopefully make them more helpful and kind to the people around them.

Our Vision

To bring out the best in each child; that all children regardless of their state of being be given an equal chance to share and provide their uniqueness and talents and grow into their best potential by providing a safe learning environment that creates a sense of belonging and confidence among all learners.

BJA's Philosophy

We have a child-centered approach by placing the child at the center of the learning process and making them active participants in their own learning. We want our students to steer their own wheel when it comes to learning so they will be able to apply critical thinking in all areas of life.

The school believes that all students have the potential to become the best that they can be so they also promote and encourage confidence and mistake making.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a learning environment where children are not only being taught by quality teachers, but also encourage to enhance their cognitive thinking by reflecting on their experiences, finding new solutions to problems, exploring discussions and asking questions. We want our learners to acquire, demonstrate, and value both knowledge and skills that will support them as lifelong learners, to participate in and contribute to our ever-evolving world.